I always leave Rebecca’s polarity sessions feeling extremely relaxed in body, and calm in mind and spirit. Her sessions vary according to the client’s needs. For example if there are symptoms manifesting on the physical level, she can work on the lymphatic system. If the client wishes to address mental, emotional, or spiritual issues, there is deeper work such as realigning and repairing chakras, and the use of color and sound. Ultimately, mind, body, and spirit are connected, and all are enhanced and aligned in a session during which the client’s needs are individually addressed.”  Jessica 

“Rebecca is just beginning her new and wonderful work as a polarity therapist, and she is well-suited for this work. The time I spent with her on Sunday was truly a spiritual experience. After leaving Becca’s, I felt calmer and more balanced than I have in a long time, and that has carried over through the first days of this week. Keep up the great work, Becca!”  Lise

“My holistic massage session with Rebecca was simultaneously soothing and stimulating. I felt relaxed and energized afterwards, and very centered. Rebecca’s work is characterized by a remarkable sense of flow that keeps one in the moment.”   Ann 

“I look forward to Rebecca’s polarity sessions. She is a powerful, caring professional and she intuitively works my energy to its highest. I feel effects of blockages releasing days after I am off her table. I am humbled and blessed to receive the work she offers and there is no doubt she is doing what she loves. I cannot sing her praises enough, her work has helped change me on deep levels.”   Nancy 

“I met Rebecca Jones 8 months ago on the first day of my Therapeutic Massage Program at Spa Tech Institute. What can I say…I knew right away that she was going to be one of my new best friends. Rebecca has a true heart of gold and a presence that illuminates every room she enters. I feel so blessed to have had her in my class to share such an amazing experience with. I truly looked forward to seeing her smiling face every day. After meeting Rebecca I was soon opened up to the practice of Polarity which she spoke so highly of. I love to see her face light up just by the mention of it. She has such a true passion for her practice in both Polarity and Massage and I think it’s rare to find someone with such a gift. Rebecca has such a strong curiosity for life and it really shows in all she does. I truly feel that anyone she meets in her journey will agree with me. Rebecca is such an amazing person and I know that she will be a great success in all she sets out to do. She is a true inspiration.”   Erin 

“Rebecca has been an excellent student in her holistic bodywork program. From the beginning she started educating friends about the benefits of the work. Many of them have continued to receive sessions. Rebecca is currently in the Advanced Polarity Realization training to bring her work to an even higher and deeper level. She is an asset to the community.”   Pam 

 “Rebecca Jones is a very dedicated healer who is mission driven. She brings a lot of wisdom to her work and throws herself into what she is doing 100%. Rebecca is a great asset in that she is consistent and deals with challenges in a thoughtful and non-dramatic way. I’m confident she is going to be a mentor and healer for many people in her future career as well as a role model for others in the profession.”  

“Rebecca is a dedicated student whose work has grown and become strong and professional over the months she has been a student at Spa Tech Institute. Rebecca has been a diligent and insightful student. I highly recommend Rebecca as a capable and talented massage / polarity practitioner.”   Pat

“During the Open House Rebecca was offering 15 minute Polarity sessions and I was amazed at how wonderful it felt so I knew that her massage would be wonderful as well. When we met for the appointment she explained that given my physical and emotional health issues (ruptured discs in my lumbar and cervical spine resulting in degenerative disc disease with loss of feeling and strength in my left leg and both hands, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and major depression and PTSD) she wanted to do 40 minutes of polarity work and 20 minutes of massage. .. I knew I was in good hands, literally and figuratively. Rebecca is a very spiritual, calm and healing woman. Her voice is so soothing and gentle, making me feel safe and relaxed as soon as I was with her. The treatment room is exquisite, pure white, light-filled, warm… I have never felt so at peace as I did during the session… The most amazing thing was what happened when Rebecca finished… I felt so amazingly great that I couldn’t believe it. I have not had a single day without pain in over 25 years. The level of pain changes, but the pain is always there. Until I got off the table at Healing Arts… after Rebecca’s session… for the first time, there was no pain. None… there continued to be no pain for another week… I can whole-heartedly recommend Rebecca and Healing Arts… as an amazing place for healing, not just of the physical body, but I believe of the emotional and spiritual as well. It is beautiful, safe, calming and restorative and Rebecca will make you feel completely at ease, listen to all of your needs and do what she does best, help you heal yourself! It will change your life! It has mine.”   Denneyse

“Rebecca incorporates and blends her knowledge beautifully into a personalized session. To my delight, an eight year old injury responded to our last session more than I expected, and I didn’t ask for healing in that area! Noticing the effects  after we are done (minutes to days later) leaves me in amazement. She just works the energies, and accepts what is to be done. Cannot wait for the next session!”  Nancy


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