rmj Art!

Most of these pieces of artwork and more – framed and unframed – are for sale. Contact Rebecca for more information. This page is still in the process of being continually updated!

Exhibit Participation 2017

Amesbury Open Studio Tours at 14 Cedar St, 1st floor by center stairwell, Amesbury, MA 01913
Saturday, November 11th, 10am – 5pm and Sunday November 12th, 11am – 4pm

GHAA Haverhill Public Library Exhibit, November 1 – December 30
GHAA Artist Reception, Sunday, November 5, 2:30-4:30
Haverhill Public Library, 99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-9
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9-5
Sunday, 1-5

GHAA Art Festival – Saturday, September 9, 10-4 Rain or Shine
Bradford Common, Route 125 (South Main Street) Bradford, MA 01835
I’ll be located at Space #33


GHAA Art Festival 2017 with my support crew – Nancy Tanzella

What a perfect day we had! 


GHAA (Greater Haverhill Art Association) Annual Open Exhibit 2017
May 21 – June 11 (10-5 Tuesday thru Saturday; Sunday 12-5)
Buttonwoods Museum, 240 Water Street, Haverhill, MA 01830
Reception Sunday May 21, 2:30-4:30pm
*My first juried exhibit and my Vesica Piscis received 3rd Place Award!
vesica piscis cropped 2017

Exhibit Participation 2016

GHAA at Buttonwoods Museum, Haverhill, MA Festival of Trees! On Sunday 11/27 from 2:30-4:30 I will be displaying some of my artwork for sale and performing some artistic endeavors.

Greater Haverhill Art Association at the Haverhill Public Library, 1- 2 pieces
11/1 – 12/31, Library days and hours
Also, GHAA at HPL Artist Reception – Sunday, 11/13, 2-4pm

 Veasey Memorial Park Wine & Art Reception/Fundraiser, Groveland, MA, 5 pieces
One night only! Saturday, 11/5, 6-9pm

 20th Anniversary Amesbury Open Studios, 14 Cedar Street, Amesbury, MA, many pieces! Saturday, 11/12, 10-5 & Sunday, 11-4 (I will be there until 1:30pm on Sunday)

Showing my artwork is a new and exciting adventure for me. I am looking forward to sharing it with you!

Life is an Art!

Throughout my life I have dabbled in various forms of arts and crafts. My mother had always been my greatest influence and supporter of creativity.

This part of my journey began in February of 2015 at the ending of a great snowy winter as a craving for color and a new visual creative outlet. I dug out my supplies of ‘magic’ markers and some 4×6 photo paper, and began making geometric designs in bold colors. A friend mentioned trying Zentangle® after seeing these mediocre pieces of creativity. She loaned me some books, and I checked out some more from the library, then checked online and youtube.com for more information. Starting with pencil and pen my inspiration blossomed with many new possibilities. Patterns are a focus, while colors are my joy!

My artwork continues to morph adding larger canvases/papers, colored pens/ pencils, watercolors, acrylics and more. My passion is working with Sacred Geometric patterns, though occasionally something else wants to be expressed. When Spirit calls, I listen! Then there are always those useful bookmarks to be made allowing me to create smaller ‘masterpieces’ to be played with in abundance!

Friends have encouraged me to exhibit this artwork, so here I am experiencing a new point of view in the field of art. I will continue to explore and experience new possibilities until I have expressed myself fully in this modality, or it is no longer FUN!

For me, everything is energy, and all energy is a vibrational frequency. My artwork is created with the highest aligned energy available to me in every moment. My intention is in Light, Love and Harmony.

There are no mistakes, only new possibilities.

The creative forces within desire to share my exploration of manifestation. In-Joy!

rmj Art


rmj Art


rmj Art


1st successful diry pour 6x6 canvas 2017 IMG__201708243__040215

6×6 Acrylic Fluid Pour #1, 2017

2017 3rd pour 8x8

8×8 Acrylic Fluid Pour #3, 2017

2nd dirty pour 2017 IMG__201709244__101105

8×8 Acrylic Fluid Pour #2, 2017

6x6 acrulic pour and double swipe one paper 2017

6×6 Acrylic Pour on paper, double swiped, 2017


8×10 canvas Acrylic Fluid Pour #4 – 2017


6×6 Hamsa, WC & Pen, 2017


5.5×5.5 Hamsa, gold pen, 2017


4×4 WC & Gold Pen, 2017


6×6 Metatron’s Cube, WC, Pen, 2017


2×7, (2) Bookmarks, One side, 2017


Reverse side of Bookmarks (above). All Bookmarks are one of a kind original work in mixed media, enclosed in plastic sleeves.

rmj Art

Egg of LIfe Flow (sold)

rmj Art

Flower of Life

rmj Art

Emerging Life (sold)

rmj Art

Flower Mandala

rmj Art

Golden Triskela

rmj Art


rmj Art

Mother Mandela

rmj Art

Paradox Stars

rmj Art


rmj Art

Solar Mandala

rmj Art

Tetrahedron Sea

rmj Art

Infinity Flower (sold)

rmj Art

Paradoxy (sold)

rmj Art

Spiral Evolution (sold)

rmj Art

Fruit of Life (sold)

rmj Art

Flower Dome (sold)

rmj Art

Flower Mandala

rmj Art

Geo Torus


The Seeds of Life

rmj Art

Triple ‘O’ Mandala




Autumn Sun


Hamsa – ATC


Cosmic Portrait

11x14 colored pencil, pen, watercolor

Earth Sprite

4x4 Watercolor & Acrylilc

Light Emerging

Joy 9x12 watercolor & acrylic

Light of Hand

8x10 watercolor, pen, colored pencil

8x 10 Star Tetrahedron – Merkabah

3.5x3.5 pen, colored pencil, watercolor

Whimsey Doodle


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