Polarity Yoga



Based on the Principles of Dr. Randolph Stone and borrowed from Polarity Realization Institute, PRI Educational Development Company

The Polarity Yoga exercises are simple yet effective ways to create balance and harmony in the body. Each exercise helps open the various elements in the body system.

It is a great way to start the day, to relieve stress or tension, and/or to relax. The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity or mastery.

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing of natural fibers (if possible) to allow the energies and the body to move easily. It is a good idea to do some gentle stretching prior to the postures to loosen the muscles. No equipment is required unless you require a stool or chair for support.

Dr. Stone said that the principle of “effortless effort” used in polarity yoga assists nature to create health. Dr. Stone noted that when a person felt tired, restless or could not relax, then the energy currents of the body were not operating properly. Doing the postures for a few moments starts to open the currents of flow in the body.

The essential aspects of accomplishing these postures are:

  • Ether – A neutral balanced attitude
  • Air – Breath and sound
  • Fire – Stretching and movement
  • Water – Bipolar polarity contacts
  • Earth – Position and leverage


  • In natural breathing, inhale into the abdomen allowing it to expand. Then exhale contracting the abdomen allowing all the breath out.
  • In reverse breathing, inhale into the chest allowing the ribs to rise and expand with the abdomen naturally drawing in. Upon the exhale, let the breath out with the chest collapsing down and the abdomen fully relaxing.
  • Sound is encouraged during the postures to relieve tension, especially frustration and blocked emotions. (It is a good idea to let people nearby know that you will be making sounds as you exercise.)


Many of the polarity yoga postures are based on the squat, which assists in opening all the elements, especially the air principle. Benefits include:

  • Increase gas release
  • Increase oxygen exchange in the body, which brings more vitality
  • Releases mental and emotional tension
  • Engages the body/mind connection
  • Soothes
  • Rejuvenates
  • Decreases tension in the pelvis
  • Centering
  • Gentle stretching of the body and its muscles
  • Enhances energy flow, energizes the body
  • Brings all the major energy relationships and their reflexes into close proximity
  • Opens and lengthens the pelvis and spine
  • Helps release and regulate the cerebrospinal fluid.

The contraindication for any squat posture is bad knees or varicose veins. In these cases, use a stool or chair for proper support.


  • Health Building by Dr. Randolph Stone
  • Polarity Theory, Volume 1 & 2 by Dr. Randolph Stone
  • Energy Exercises by John Chitty
  • Polarity Self-Help Exercise by John Francis

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