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2022-2032 will be pivotal years of the ever-changing frequencies of our bodies and state of consciousness. HUmanty is in the process of leveling up from a linear experience of limitation and separation to a multidimensional experience of infinite possibilities and unity.

To align yourself to this higher Kryst Light octave  in ease and grace, practice and sustain gratitude, compassion, kindness and Divine neutrality – non judgement. We are all in this together! 

I AM here to serve and assist in this process of ascension reclaiming our innate Divinity on all levels of our Being!

Always in Love ❤, Light  💥, and Harmony 🎶!

Gratitude and Blessings for us all!



Thank you all who participated in the free distance/remote healing sessions during the isolation period! We, as HUmanity, do what we can for ourselves and for others to stay healthy in our physical bodies, as well as in our highest alignment in our energetic bodies.

Remember Energy always precedes form. Keeping our energetic bodies in our highest alignment, is the first step to keeping our bodies healthy.

I am available by email and cell phone if you have any questions. I can also be contacted at

Always in Divine Love, Light & Harmony! Be well, Be safe!  Rebecca

2020 rmj Art Exhibits & Participation Listing found on rmj Art page!

Emergence cropped 40% 2015 013

Keep Shining your Light!

One Path of Light, Rebecca Jones, Integrative Wellness Co-Creation 2020

Throughout these challenging times, we sometimes need a helping hand to de-stress, regroup and remember how to find that Light within ourselves. Assisting individuals in a holistic transformative healing experience and creating sacred space, Rebecca Jones can help you find your way back into balance.

Self-Healing is an innate Gift we all share. With holistic tools of Polarity Therapy, Kamadon-Melchizedek Healing Method, Harmonic Acutonics, Toning and more – Rebecca can help you to reactivate this innate gift.

Whether you are interested for yourself and/or someone else, Gift Certificates are always available.

For more information contact Rebecca.

Always in Divine Love, Light & Harmony!     Namaste’

rmj Art Exhibits & Sales Participation 2018

*GHAA Annual Open Exhibit – June 3-16 at Buttonwoods Museum , Haverhill, MA; GHAA Artist Reception, Sunday, June 3, 2:30-4:30

*GHAA Topsfield Public Library Exhibit – July 1-31

*Plum Island Art & Craft Fair – Saturday, September 1, 10-4, Plum Island Taxpayers Hall, 8 Plum Island, BLVD, Plum Island, MA. Hosted by Susan Becker,

*GHAA Art Festival – Saturday, September 8, 10-4 Rain or Shine
Bradford Common, Route 125 (South Main Street) Bradford, MA 01835

*GHAA Haverhill Public Library Exhibit, August 31 – October 30
Haverhill Public Library, 99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830
Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9-9/Wed., Fri., Sat. 9-5/, Sun. 1-5

*Veasey Memorial Park 13th Annual Art Festival Fundraiser 2018,
201 Washington Street, Groveland, MA 01834
‘Wine & Art’ Reception – Saturday, November 3rd, 6-9pm.  Music, raffles, silent auctions, hors d’oeuvres, wine & craft beer – included with your ticket price -$30 in advance or $35 at the door – and of course, the wonderful, unjuried local art for exhibit & sale!
Art Interactive for the family – Sunday, November 4th, 11am-3pm Free! Donations are always welcome! See website for more details.

*Amesbury Open Studio Tours, 14 Cedar Street, Amesbury, MA 2nd Floor – Saturday, November 10, 10-5 & Sunday, November 11, 11-4

*GHAA at the Hall-Haskell House, 36 South Main Street, Ipswich, MA from Thursday, November 15 through Sunday,November 18. Hours 1-5. Artists Reception on Sunday, November 18, 1-5


rmj Art Exhibit Participation 2017

Amesbury Open Studio Tour was a wonderful experience! I met lots of new people, and several friends that I haven’t seen in too many years. Sales were amazing, eclectic, and reduced my entire inventory in half! A special thank you to Barbara Lorenc, owner of 14 Cedar Street Studios for providing the space, as well as her support! I am still making heart pins & magnets for they are selling as fast as I make them! They are made of wood and dipped in poured acrylics, then sealed in a gloss varnish at a very reasonable price – $3 each or 2 for $5! I still have a variety of my work in various venues, sizes and prices. Also, Gift Certificates for both rmj Art and One Path of Light! Send me an email if interested, or just call me! Blessed Holiday Season for All !

Amesbury Open Studio Tours at 14 Cedar St, 2nd floor left of center staircase, Amesbury, MA 01913
Saturday, November 11th, 10am – 5pm and Sunday November 12th, 11am – 4pm

Wine & Art Artist Reception, Veasey Memorial Park, 201 Washington Street, Groveland, MA 01834
*Saturday, November 4th, 6-9pm; For Ticket details visit
Extended viewing Sunday, November 5th, 11-4

GHAA Haverhill Public Library Exhibit, November 1 – December 30
GHAA Artist Reception, Sunday, November 5, 2:30-4:30
Haverhill Public Library, 99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-9
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9-5
Sunday, 1-5

GHAA Art Festival – Saturday, September 9, 10-4 Rain or Shine
Bradford Common, Route 125 (South Main Street) Bradford, MA 01835
I’ll be located at Space #33


Vocal Toning Class for Health & Wellbeing

Event Host – Rebecca Jones, Integrative Wellness Co-Creator

Vocal Toning is a personal way to Self-Healing & Relieving Stress.
Come explore the Power of your Voice! No singing is required!

Toning is the creation of extended vocal sounds on a single vowel in order to experience the sound and its effects in other parts of the body. No melody, no words, no rhythm and no harmony – just the sound of the vibrating breath. It is a simple yet powerful technique, accessible to everyone regardless of vocal ability or training. Through toning you can immediately experience the effects of sound on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
Event Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Event begins promptly at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:30 pm
(doors open at 6:45)

Healing Spirits Integrative Wellness Center
Northland Plaza (Rte 108) Unit 11
134 Newton Road, Plaistow NH 03865
Tickets are $20 per person

To reserve your seat call Office: (603)-382-1133 or

Email: or
Toning with people of like mind is Supportive, Beneficial & Fun!


One Path of Light is Offering a $10 Discount on a 1-Hour Session for New Clients from March 1st until the Vernal Spring Equinox, March 20, 2017!


Join me in a Joyful Event! Add the Date! Sunday, March 5th, 2017

It’s that time again! If you didn’t make the last class, here’s your chance to check it out. For those who did participate, I’d love to see you all and to join our voices again! I will be adding some more exercises, so there will be more to learn. It will be FUN playing with our voices together! Please note that doors will be open at 10:30am. We will promptly start at 11am!

For more info on the Power of Sound check out my Polarity Therapy & Vocal Toning page!



I wish you Light, Love & Harmony this Holiday Season and a Joyous & Vibrant New Year!

Throughout these challenging times
, we sometimes need a helping hand to destress, regroup and remember how to find that Light within ourselves.
Assisting individuals in a holistic transformative healing experience, Rebecca Jones can help you find your way back into balance.
Self-Healing is an innate Gift we all share. With holistic tools of Polarity Therapy, Kamadon-Melchizedek Healing Method, Harmonic Acutonics, Toning and more – Rebecca can help you to reactivate this innate gift.
Whether you are interested for yourself or someone else, Gift Certificates are always available.
From now until 12/31/2016 there will be a 20% discount on all Gift Certificates!

Water is Life!

rmj Art Exhibit Participation 2016

GHAA at Buttonwoods Museum, Haverhill, MA Sunday, 11/27, 2:30-4:30 for Festival of Trees! I will be displaying some of my work for sale while performing  some artistic endeavors! Stop by to say Hello and check out the trees!

Greater Haverhill Art Association at the Haverhill Public Library
11/1 – 12/31, Library days and hours
Also, GHAA at HPL Artist Reception – Sunday, 11/13, 2-4pm

Veasey Memorial Park Wine & Art Reception/Fundraiser, Groveland, MA,
One night only! Saturday, 11/5, 6-9pm

 20th Anniversary Amesbury Open Studios, 14 Cedar Street, Amesbury, MA, Saturday, 11/12, 10-5 & Sunday, 11-4 (I will be there until 1:30pm on Sunday)

Showing my artwork is a new and exciting adventure for me. I am looking forward to sharing it with you!


10/29/2016 – Great night with a wonderful group of women learning, toning and joining our voices together creating some powerful sounds! Thank you to all who helped make this possible and joyful! 

Join me in a Joyful Event! For more info on the Power of Sound check out my Polarity Therapy & Vocal Toning page!



Welcome Autumnal Equinox 2016!



Beginning of 2015!
I have completed 2 wonderful classes with an amazing teacher, Pam Carlson. Last week was Ayurvedic Marma Points for Face and yesterday Marma Flow Sequence – Balancing all 5 directional flows in the body. Marma comes from the root word “mar” – masculine principle – action, fire, passion, manifestation, strength. The root word “ma” -the feminine principle – creativity, flow, nurturance. “Marma points are energy points acting as ‘doorways’ or ‘windows’ for harmonious flow and wellbeing in the body. Using the tips of the fingers, with clear intention, opens Prana stored in the brain to create flow throughout the body, integrating the body-mind-spirit. As Prana and light flow in the body, the biochemistry of the physiology is transformed. Thus when the flow is activated, we have a balancing and harmonization of the masculine and feminine principles in the body. In Indian culture this is represented by the Divine union of Sita (Divine Mother) and Ram (Divine Father). Marma points that have a right and left side on the body are best activated simultaneously. Interestingly, Polarity Therapy uses this approach and was originally derived from Marma Abhyanga.” I have already begun incorporating this work in sessions, and it definitely takes us to a new expansive level. You might want to check it out for yourself!


March 24, 2014 – After 3 wonderful years at 14 Cedar Street, Studio 323, Amesbury, MA.,   I have decided to downsize my life and life’s work to a new location in Merrimac, MA. I have also decided to change my business name from Healing Arts to One Path of Light. I AM One Path of Light – WE ARE ALL One Path of Light!

I look forward to serving you and co-creating with you as always in Light, Love & Harmony!


On November 24th 2013 Rebecca was certified to access the Seven Healing Rays of Light of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Elohim, and has also learned how to manifest a Healing Chamber of Light for the purpose of healing self and others. Thank you, Joan Ruggiero, Blessed teacher.


Rebecca has completed the final and amazing Level 5 of Melchizedek Method of Healing and is happy to announce that her work is continually expanding. (September 2013)


EVENT: On Saturday, June 15, 2013, I became Reverend Rebecca M. Jones into the Order of Melchizedek.

“The Order of Melchizedek is a priesthood of individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges into the Age of Aquarius. Because we do not discriminate, everyone is welcomed. There is no bias with regard to race, age, gender, or sexual persuasion. Man of the world’s religions are represented. We are not a religion, but a service order. We are all equal to serve in freedom. There are currently over 17,000 priests internationally.”

“The Order: … How we serve is through Free Will and Individual Expression. Why we serve is to aid transformation. What we serve is the planet and all therein. Where we go from here is to continue to renew our vow through the practice of spiritual principles on a day-to-day basis and in a down-to-earth, practical fashion to keep it simple and keep it sacred.”

Quotes and Ordination performed by Reverend Daniel Chesbro, Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc., an incorporated, non-denominational church in New York State and in the United States


Give the Gift of Holistic Integrative Wellness Therapy for your loved ones…

Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Mother’s and Father’s Day or just because you love them!

 Relaxation is the greatest gift of all!

 To purchase Gift Certificates please contact Rebecca at 617-510-3762 or

(Check out the Sessions & Availability page for more information)


No more new events at this moment in time…



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