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Rebecca M. Jones     

Cell: 617-510-3762  or  Email:

10th cranial

Celebrate with ease and grace the recalibration, integration and ascension process of the new shift of energies in ourselves, our world and beyond! Give yourself the gift of Relaxation, Renewal, Rejuvenation,  and your own Inner Knowing .

Throughout these changing and challenging times, we sometimes need a helping hand to de-stress, regroup and remember how to allow the innate Light within ourselves to shine. Assisting individuals in a holistic transformative healing experience, Rebecca can help you find your way back into balance.

In a Safe & Relaxing Environment… every client is unique and valued. All sessions begin with an assessment of their needs and end with an evaluation of their experience in each session with complete confidentiality.

Basically, I integrate all or most of the following modalities according to divine guidance and your requirements into your session, whether in person or in distance/remote healing.

Advanced Polarity Therapy (w/RYSE clearing), Harmonic Acutonics, Kamadon-Melchizedek Healing Method, Ayurvedic Marma Face Points & Flow, Toning, Reiki, Quantum Touch and Crystal Layouts.

60-minute table sessions are available upon request, as well as a 30-minute Tune-Up!

*All 60-minute sessions include on the table time plus additional time for assessment and evaluation, which can vary – so plan accordingly.

For more information, please see Holistic Integrative Wellness menu, or contact me directly.

high polarity mode(2)*Distance/Remote Energy Healing
If you cannot make an appointment in person Distance Energy Healing is an option. The weather may not permit leaving the house, you may be traveling or may have car trouble, or you may not be feeling well enough, handicapped in some way to make your appointment or you live long distance. Whatever the case may be, Distance Energy Healing is an advantage for those times you require a session and are unable to make an appointment in person.

Distance/Remote Energy Healing is just as effective as an on table session and appropriate for these times of physical distancing.

For more information, please see Holistic Integrative Wellness menu.

4x4 wc, pen 2017 seed of life (2)

Seed of Life, rmj Art

I look forward to serving and co-creating with you!


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